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JP Brand Tool


Cutter Grinder


The JP Brand Tools & Cutter Grinder is a robust machine capable of dealing with a wide rages of tools & Cutter Grinder operations. It is available as a steel cabinet mounted machine and is designed for the rapid sharpening of H.S.S. milling cutters spiral mills, metal slitting saws side and face cutter reamers, tap and with suitable attachment lathe tools, end mills formed  cutters etc.

A totally enclosed wheel head motor with a double ended  spindle carriers one standard and one extended wheel adaptor which can be mounted on either end and will receive both the Cup and dish wheels supplied with the machine. The spindle with run at 2800 r.p.m. is controlled by reversing switch built into the main body of the machine. The wheel head is mounted on an engraved base of the machine. The column can be looked in any position and movement. The column can be looked in any position and movement can be accurately controlled by means of a friction mounted micrometer dial.

The upper work table is provided with the slot which not only servers as means of fixing the tooth rest etc. But also enables accurate location of the loose centre heads. It is graduated either side of the Zero setting and can swivel through 180 Provision is also made for taper setting in INCHES per Foot.

Longitudinal movement of the table is obtained from a rack pinion operated by a conveniently placed Handle or if required can be operated by hand pressure only. The table is located on accurately machined vee and flat ways and is fitted with adjustable stops which can limit he movement of the table in and position.


cutter grinding machine


Universal tool and cutter grinder


Tool Grinder Specification

JP-TC 80

JP-TC 87

JP-TC 92


Swing over table (Dia)

230 mm 305 mm 350 mm

Maximum distance between centres

305 mm 560 mm 660 mm

Table longitudinal traverse

305 mm 510 mm 610 mm

Table Cross travarse

200 mm 205 mm 255 mm

Table Dimensions

530x142 mm 805x156 mm 1015x156 mm

Tee Slots width

10 mm 12 mm 12 mm

Centre of wheel above

280 mm 330 mm 350 mm

Table Swivel

90o 90o 90o

Head Swivel

360o 360o 360o

Grinding Spindle Speed

2800 rpm 2800 rpm 2800 rpm

H.P. of Motor

1 HP 1 HP 1 HP

Floor area occupied

900x750 mm 1120x920 mm 1500x950 mm

Height to the machine

1500 mm 1680 mm 1500 mm

Weight of the machine with standard accessories

500 kg. 670 kg. 822 kg.

Tool grinder
Universal grinder
Lathe tool grinder

Tool and cutter grinder
Universal tool and cutter grinder
Cutter grinder

Tool and cutter grinding machine
Universal tool and cutter grinding machine
Variable speed tool and cutter grinder


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